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Video Projects

Face in the Water [Short Film]

This was a short film done during a summer class, thus it doesn't have the level of polish I would have liked. However, for my first attempt at video editing, it turned out rather well. Click the video thumbnail on the left to watch.

Graphic Design

Unfortunately due to a hard drive failure (a mirrored drive, at that), most of my graphic design work has been lost.

Table Placeholder This is a table placeholder for my friend Christiana's wedding. Created in Photoshop: click front or backfor larger version!

Table Placeholder

Here is a PDF of the Wedding Program that I designed for her wedding in InDesign.

This is the logo I created for a client's company, Ennovy Innovations. Click the thumbnail to see the full version.

I created from scratch or updated all of the posters on this page for Kramer Entertainment's Dome Theater program.

And of course, I created all of the imagery on this site myself.

Website Design

I created this entire website in less than a day.

Concept Site: Mindtap Media



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